No plans for New Year`s Eve 2020? Come to Cusco and Celebrate here!

Published date: 28/11/2019

World-famous, the New Year holidays in the imperial city of Cuzco, has become one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year, and it is not for less, the celebration is unforgettable.

Eating Alpaca

Published date: 04/06/2016

This traditional Andean meat lends itself well to traditional preparations as well as innovative treatments, and should be on any traveler's food bucket list.

Sauces are What Makes Peruvian Cuisine So Good

Published date: 27/01/2016

Peruvian cuisine emphasizes freshness, and sauces are a large part of the magic which transforms humble, fresh ingredients into palate-pleasing cuisine.

Christmas Eve Dinner & Holiday Traditions in Cusco

Published date: 21/12/2015

Learn about the Christmas Eve traditions and events of Cusco, and check out our set menu for this year's traditional Christmas Eve Dinner!

Celebrate Creole Music Day with These Great Dishes

Published date: 24/10/2015

Although October 31st is most famously Halloween night, in Peru it’s also Creole Music Day. This makes it the perfect time to explore one specific side of Peruvian cuisine: creole food.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Pisco

Published date: 28/09/2015

You may have downed countless Pisco Sours, or stocked up on souvenir bottles from your last trip to Peru, but perhaps you never heard of the one day of the year in which Lima’s central fountain is filled with a thousand liters of the spirit so that anyone can serve themselves and drink… In fact, her

6 Unusual Peruvian Fruits to Try in Cusco

Published date: 09/09/2015

These six unusual Peruvian fruits can be easily found in local market in Cusco, and offer new flavors to eager travelers.

Ceviche Fan? Enjoy Freshly Caught Fish in Cusco

Published date: 16/03/2015

Freshly caught fish is plentiful in the Andes, if you know what to look for. Silverside, carp, and trout from the rivers of Cusco’s Sacred Valley of the Incas are great options that lend themselves to Peruvian specialties like ceviche.

The Twelve Dishes of Holy Week

Published date: 23/02/2015

Holy Week in Cusco is a vibrant time filled with dance parades, religious processions, and with great food...

Traditional Peruvian Sweets & Wine for Valentines Day

Published date: 12/02/2015

If you’re wondering what Peruvian sweets and liquor might do for a romantic Valentine’s Day, you need only look to at Ica on the desert coast of Peru; it’s the birthplace of pisco brandy & tejas, the most representative sweet from Peru....

Toast to Peru with Pisco Sours

Published date: 21/01/2015

One cannot mention cocktails in Peru without immediately thinking of the classic Pisco Sour, which is considered the country’s national drink. You’ll likely be offered various pre-dinner glasses during your time in Peru, and it's a taste you're sure to miss upon leaving.

The History & Preparation of Peru´s Iconic Lomo Saltado

Published date: 12/01/2015

Lomo saltado (sautéed sirloin) is one of Peru’s most prevalent and iconic dishes, and a common metaphor for those who wish to speak about the country’s process of cultural mixing, or mestizaje.

The Andean Picchuberry, a New Culinary Superstar

Published date: 02/01/2015

The Peruvian aguaymanto, under varied names, is gaining international popularity as a highly nutritious 'superfood'. This ancient berry is now a star in varied Andean Fusion dishes and deserts- read on to learn all about it!

Peru Named Best Culinary Destination by the World Travel Awards

Published date: 15/12/2014

Foodies take note: Thanks to a winning combination of fresh ingredients and continual innovation, Peru took the World Travel Awards prize for Best Culinary Destination for the third year in a row!

Christmas Eve Dinner in Cusco

Published date: 28/10/2014

With its lights, decorations, and Santurantikuy Fair crowds, the Plaza de Armas of Cusco is a festive sight on Christmas Eve. This is the most popular night of the year for area restaurants, as travelers arrive seeking tasty modern renditions of the traditional holiday dinner...

T'anta Wawas & Day of the Dead in Peru

Published date: 22/10/2014

T'anta wawas, sweet wheat bread rolls shaped and decorated in the form of a baby, are omnipresent in November in Peru. Once part of pre-Columbian ancestral rites, they are gifted to friends and relatives, left as offerings in cemeteries, and enjoyed by all on Day of the Dead...

A Divine October Treat The Turrón de Doña Pepa

Published date: 15/10/2014

October is often referred to in Peru as the ‘purple month’, in reference to the dominant color of the Lord of Miracles processions. If purple is the color of October, when it comes to sweets, tradition dictates only one: the sticky, anise-flavored Turrón de Doña Pepa.

Sample the Many Chichas of Peru

Published date: 07/10/2014

When something is not easily categorized, Peruvians use the common expression ni chicha ni limonada, neither chicha nor lemonade. The saying attests to chicha’s privileged position in the national culture, where it’s served as the banner drink for around 2,000 years.

Piqueos, Peruvian Finger Food

Published date: 23/09/2014

Piqueos, Peruvian finger food, are a popular way to begin shared meals. Learn about the traditional and modern piqueos that you'll be able to choose from during your visit to Peru.

Peruvian Food for Vegetarian Travelers

Published date: 23/09/2014

Peruvian food, so famed for its variety and surprising flavors, is meat- and poultry-centric in many ways. That doesn't mean that vegetarian travelers will find themselves without options, however. Here, we've compiled a list of traditional options.

The Chifa: Peruvian-Chinese Fusion

Published date: 12/09/2014

Lima alone boasts 5,000+ Peruvian-Chinese restaurants, so wherever you stay during your visit to Peru, there's a chifa nearby! Learn about the history & offerings of this unique cuisine here.

Peruvian Lucuma Fruit, the Gold of the Incas

Published date: 26/08/2014

Ancient Moche ceramics with lúcuma designs are a testament to this Peruvian fruit's enduring popularity. Today, it's still the country's most popular ice cream flavor and Starbucks even offers a lúcuma frappucino.

8 Amazing Things You Can Do With Quinoa

Published date: 07/08/2014

Quinoa, once sacred to the Incas, has been a staple of the Andean diet for centuries and is now one of the world’s rising ‘superfood’ superstars. Here, we’ve collected some of the most innovative ways that people enjoy their Quinoa throughout the day:

Discovering Inca Cuisine in Cusco, Peru

Published date: 02/08/2014

Learn about Incan cuisine and what elements of it you can still try today in Cusco, Peru...

Eating Guinea Pig in Peru

Published date: 02/08/2014

Guinea pig (or cuy) has been consumed in the Andes for four thousand years, and is a popular Peruvian treat for birthdays and special occasions...

Drink and Dine in Ancient Style with Peruvian Purple Corn

Published date: 02/08/2014

A staple during the time of the Inca empire, this vibrant purple vegetable is the base for Peru's iconic chicha morada beverage as well as the traditional dessert known as mazamorra morada. Learn all about them here!