Oven Roasted Guinea Pig

Guinea pig marinated with garlic and black mint, accompanied with a spicy stuffed pepper with meat and vegetables, sautéed with oven-baked potatoes.

Andean Grill

Deliciosa combinación de sabores andinos.

Mixed Skewer

Contains 2 skewers with chicken, alpaca, trout, baked potatoes, and vegetables sautéed in wine and rosemary.

Spicy Stuffed Pepper

Rocoto pepper stuffed with meat, vegetables and cheese, and served with oven-baked potatoes.

Traditional Grill

Contains 2 mixed skewers (with pieces of chicken, alpaca, and trout), 200gr of pork chops, a beef tenderloin steak, chorizo, morcilla, French fries, and pickled vegetables, with bbq sauce.

Beef Loin a lo pobre

Grilled Beef Loin accompanied by white rice and french fries, fried egg, plantain, potato, ham and vegetables.

Jalea Campestre

This is a rustic mix of trout, chicken, shrimp, corn nuts, golden potatoes, splashed with a chilcano jalea sauce and onions.

Stuffed Pepper with Vegetables

A spicy rocoto pepper stuffed with vegetables, topped with Andean cheese, and accompanied by golden potatoes and creole salad.

Guinea Pig in Huacatay Sauce

Half a roast guinea pig, in a sauce made from Andean black spearmint, accompanied by native sauces and smoked cucumber.